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A Proven Pathway to Results

Embark on a journey of growth and discovery. With Lavinia Group's professional development programs, our engaging and interactive learning methods will not only keep you interested but also inspire you to push boundaries and reach new heights in your professional development. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's ever-evolving world.


Math & Literacy Achievement

When test scores become stagnant, or student achievement is on the decline, we partner with schools to shift from "one and done" professional development to continuous professional learning. Designed not just to inform but to transform, professional development with Lavinia Group has proven to rapidly deliver double-digit gains in literacy and math. 


of educators agree Lavinia Group professional development sessions are engaging and interactive.


of participants from more than 100 sessions would attend a Lavinia Group professional development session again.


of educators agree their classroom or school will improve after attending a Lavinia Group PD session.


We work side-by-side with teachers and leaders to inspire a wave of change that leads to monumental leaps in math and literacy achievement. Equipped with new tools and innovative instructional techniques, teachers and leaders leave our professional development sessions ready to navigate the complexities of teaching in today's classrooms without relying on outdated methods.

The best part of this session was the resources. Sometimes in the moment, it can be challenging to think about how to intellectually prepare for student misconceptions with a potential logical step. Being able to think like a student and approach the work like a teacher will definitely help me in coaching my junior leaders in studying student work during our intellectual preparation meetings.

Curtis Durham

Middle School Principal | Brownsville Ascend

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Professional Learning Programs

Teacher Virtual Learning 2

Virtual Workshop Intensives

Explore new skills and instructional practices in our interactive 4-6 hour workshop intensives designed to enhance student coaching techniques and boost achievement in Math or ELA.

  • Introduction to Close Reading for Meaning (2-8)
  • Introduction to Story Problems (K-8)
  • Student Coaching and Feedback to Improve Student Outcomes in Close Reading (K-8)
  • Student Coaching and Feedback to Improve Student Outcomes in Story Problems
  • Achievement: ELA, Math, and Leader Intensives (3-8)
  • Leader Intensive: Instructional Management: Proven Methods for Rapidly Improving Teacher Practice (K-8)

Onsite Workshop Intensives 

Experience the transformative power of an onsite workshop intensive where we bring the our educational expertise directly to you.

Through these dynamic and collaborative learning sessions, you'll refine your instructional skills in key areas proven to drive student success. Explore topics such as:

  • Close Reading for Meaning
  • Math for Meaning: Story Problems 
  • The Science of Reading
  • Intervention and Tutoring  
Teacher Virtual Learning 2 (2)
Teacher Virtual Learning

Educator and Leader Learning Labs

Where theory and instructional practice come to life, dive into the science of reading, explore research-based instructional methods in math, or build essential structures and support for new teachers. For leaders specifically, explore key instructional leadership theories and sharpen instructional leadership skills in Leader Labs that focus on strategic thinking, instructional management, communication, and decision-making. 

  • New Teacher Learning Lab Series: Structures and Management (K-5)
  • SoR Learning Series (K-3) 
  • Math Content Clinic Series (K-5)
  • Leader Learning Lab Series 

Professional Learning Courses

Discover our suite of Professional Learning Courses designed to elevate teaching practice and foster continuous professional growth through reflective and collaborative learning. Delve into year-long programs meticulously crafted to provide you with a roadmap to success.

Choose from asynchronous courses, enabling you to champion collaborative learning within your institution, or opt for blended-learning formats to engage with educators nationwide and benefit from Lavinia's expert guidance.

Explore topics such as:

  • Close Reading for Meaning
  • Math for Meaning: Story Problems 
  • The Science of Reading
  • Literacy Tutoring & Intervention
  • Math Tutoring & Intervention
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