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New Jersey Department of Education

RAPID Initiative


The New Jersey Department of Education has partnered with expert vendors who will provide FREE professional development in early literacy to educators in Kindergarten through grade 3.


For Educators & Teachers

Lavinia Group will provide educator and teacher workshops for educators and teachers in Essex, Union, and Atlantic counties. 

Educator/Teacher Workshop Series details

Our fall Educator Series includes seven 30-45-minute virtual workshops expertly led by Lavinia Group. Each session transcends theoretical concepts, providing educators with tangible examples, instructional videos, and opportunities for discussion and practice.

Workshop Topics:

  • Module 1: Orthography, Orthographic Processing, and Print Concepts
  • Module 2: Phonological Awareness and Processing
  • Module 3: Phonemic Awareness
  • Module 4: Phonics
  • Module 5: Fluency
  • Module 6: Vocabulary
  • Module 7: Comprehension



Leaders Workshop

Designing a system That Supports Effective Literacy instruction

FREE workshop for district leaders, school leaders, and instructional coaches in Essex, Union, and Atlantic counties. 

District leaders, school leaders, and instructional coaches play a crucial role in designing systems and supports that promote effective literacy instruction.

In this three-hour workshop by Lavinia Group, we’ll guide participants through the essential components of effective reading instruction, and how to bring those components to life consistently across your school buildings.

Through a combination of video clips, observation tools, sample lesson plans, and other research-based resources, leaders will gain a comprehensive understanding of the key components you need to create a strong foundation for literacy instruction across your school. This webinar provides tangible examples of research-aligned practices that leaders can use as a reference to drive instructional improvements.

This workshop will also focus on key criteria for evaluating, selecting, and monitoring high-quality instructional materials and a comprehensive assessment plan to foster strong reading skills.

Participants will gain tactics for how to communicate shifts in your schools that will ensure a unified and effective approach to literacy education. You’ll learn strategies for leveraging data and research to generate staff investment and commitment.

Register using the links below. 

Essex County

Thursday, November 30th OR Thursday, December 7th, 2023 10 AM -1 PM EST

Atlantic County

Monday, November 27th OR Monday, December 4th, 2023 10 AM -1 PM EST

Union County

Friday, December 1st OR Friday, December 8th, 2023 10 AM - 1 PM EST


What is the New Jersey Department of Education RAPID initiative?
The Reading Acceleration Professional Integrated Development (RAPID) program is an initiative
launched by the New Jersey Department of Education to enhance foundational literacy in elementary grades through targeted professional development for educators.
Who can participate in this program and will it cost anything?
K-3 educators, including teachers and instructional coaches, in the schools of Essex, Union, and Atlan-
tic counties are eligible to participate in the NJ RAPID program. Participation in the NJ RAPID program is entirely free for eligible educators. The program is funded to provide high-quality professional development hours at no cost to participants.
Is the program aligned with state standards?
Yes, the program is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and
evidence-based reading instruction standards, ensuring that the professional development provided is in accordance with the state's educational goals and that you will receive credit for these PD hours.
How long are the workshop sessions?
Teacher workshops take place synchronously via zoom and are 30-45 minutes in length, one day per
week for seven consecutive weeks, not to exceed a total time of 240 minutes. There are two session
times offered for flexibility. School Leader Workshops take place synchronously via zoom and are 3 hours in length offered on two different days, with total time not to exceed 180 minutes.
Are there any pre-requisites to register?
There are no specific prerequisites to join the program. As long as you are an eligible K-3 educator or school leader, you are welcome to participate.

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